RJ45 to DMX Adapter - Various

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RJ45 to DMX Adapter Variant

Product Overview

Ideal for installation or production applications. Can be used to convert an XLR to RJ45 or RJ45 to XLR connection or to make a quick turn around using traditional RJ45, CAT 5 cable with 3 & 5 pin adapters. A must for all tool boxes!!

ACRJ453PFM Pro Grade RJ45 to 3pin DMX Female adapter

ACRJ453PM RJ45 to 3-Pin DMX Male

ACRJ453PSET Pro Grade RJ45 to 3-Pin DMX Male/Female Adapter Set

ACRJ455PFM RJ45 to 5-Pin DMX Female adapter

ACRJ455PM RJ45 to 5-Pin DMX Male adapter

ACRJ455PSET Pro Grade RJ45 to 5-Pin DMX Male/Female Adapter Set


(No reviews yet) Write a Review