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Product Overview

Every Lighting project requires some form of infrastructure connectivity to ensure communication between your console and your devices. We at Blue Haze know this as well as anyone! After years of putting together networks using a combination of manufacturer gear as well as proprietary all-encompassing control solutions, we got tired of the high price-points and the constant troubleshooting of these disjointed devices on a shared network. So we created our own set of devices, creating a full network infrastructure solution: the Net-Node6, the DMX-R8, and the DMX-Split4. These products are designed to utilize a small form-factor, easily install via DIN-rail mount, and to provide a scalable solution to lighting projects of any size, while maintaining a price-point below any other alternatives.


Once your lighting installation surpasses one universe, or when you have fixtures further than 300' apart, it becomes important to take advantage of the lighting network capabilities of Art-Net or sACN. It is for this reason that we created the Net-Node6. This node is capable of communicating in either ArtNet or sACN protocol, and is able to produce 6 DMX outputs (via terminal block) from a single Cat5 input. On the back end, the device can be configured through network management to dictate which universes get pushed to each output. 

Due to the Din-Rail mount on all of these devices, it is very easy to construct network or electrical boxes that have the functionality of Relays, DMX Splitters, and Network Nodes, allowing you to scale your infrastructure to any size project significantly cheaper than other methods.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review