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Mega-Gridlock Variant

Product Overview

The Mega-Gridlock is designed for permanent pipe grid installations in studios and theaters. It joins 2 overlapping pipes together in a 90 degree joint. Grooves act as a wrench, keeping the nut from turning during installation. The Mega-Gridlock can be installed with a hex key tool in a battery drill.

Fastens any combination of 1-1/2" pipe (1.9" OD), 1-1/4" pipe (1.66" OD), and 2" OD Tube. (Tight fit on 2" OD tube)

The Mega-Gridlock can be used on curved track down to a radius of 3 feet, or on a circle with a diameter as small as 6 feet.

Tighten the bolts to 11 foot pounds, which is about as tight as as can be done with a 6" hex key wrench.

Minimum Size

  • 1.25" pipe, 1.66" OD pipe

Maximum Size

  • 1.5" pipe, 1.90" OD pipe, 2" OD truss tube

Working Load Limit

  • 1250 lb 568kg


  • 4 each – 5/16″ × 2″ socket head cap screws
  • 4 each – 5/16" Nylock nuts


  • 3.65″ × 3.65″ x 4.375 tall max (.375" plus the thickness of the 2 pipes joined.)


  • 15 oz

Styles Available:

MGB Mega-Gridlock, Black Anodized

MGM Mega-Gridlock, Silver

MGMSS Mega-Gridlock, Stainless Steel Hardware, Silver

MGW Mega-Gridlock, White Powder Coat


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