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Product Overview

Every Lighting project requires some form of infrastructure connectivity to ensure communication between your console and your devices. We at Blue Haze know this as well as anyone! After years of putting together networks using a combination of manufacturer gear as well as proprietary all-encompassing control solutions, we got tired of the high price-points and the constant troubleshooting of these disjointed devices on a shared network. So we created our own set of devices, creating a full network infrastructure solution: the Net-Node6, the DMX-R8, and the DMX-Split4. These products are designed to utilize a small form-factor, easily install via DIN-rail mount, and to provide a scalable solution to lighting projects of any size, while maintaining a price-point below any other alternatives.


In many permanent applications, it is ideal to use a system of relays that are able to remotely turn section of power on or off, allowing you to power-down your entire rig at the end of the day without leaving the comfort of your console seat. For this purpose we designed the DMX-R8, an 8-channel DMX controlled relay switch. The DMX-R8 is addressable via dip-switch, at which point DMX is used to switch the 8 corresponding circuits by interrupting the circuit wired through the device. 

Each relay can be wired to a circuit of up to 15 amps. DMX input can be provided via Cat5 directly from a DMX-Split4, or can be wired into the terminal block inputs for use with other DMX sources.

Due to the Din-Rail mount on all of these devices, it is very easy to construct network or electrical boxes that have the functionality of Relays, DMX Splitters, and Network Nodes, allowing you to scale your infrastructure to any size project significantly cheaper than other methods.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review