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F1L Premium Fog Fluid
Price: $13.99
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American DJ Item #: 014446 -

ADJ F1L PREMIUM, high quality Fog Juice is made from water based high grade pharmaceutical ingredients, each approved by the FDA. F1L PREMIUM Fog Juice produces thick, billowing white clouds of smoke when used with ADJ® Fog Machines (may be used in other water based fog machines as well). By using F1L PREMIUM Fog Juice it increases the visibility of light beams and colors of your special effects lighting and helps create an exciting atmosphere.

F4L ECO Fog Fluid
Price: $21.99
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Item #: 014448 -

Four Liters of F4L ECO Fog Juice from ADJ, designed to make the most of your fog production when used with an American DJ Fog Machine. Also usable with any other water based fog machine.

Fast Dissipating Fog Fluid
Retail: $34.99
Price: $24.99
Availability: Out of Stock
Froggy's Fog Item #: 016089 -

Froggys Fast Dissipating Fog Juice is the perfect Stage Studio Fog Fluid for Indoor & Stage Ground Effects, for use in Theatrical Environments where a great fog effect is desired but the fog does not need to linger. This blend works perfect for use in the motion picture industry and is now extensively used for many other applications. It has been noted time and time again on the Rock Band Stage Kit forums to be the best for indoor use with the Rock Band Stage Kit. This fluid is also used in...

FLC-5 Water Based Fluid- Fast dissipating
Retail: $39.95
Price: $34.95
Availability: In Stock
Elation lighting Item #: 017048 -

FLG-20 Antari Fog Liquid Green 20 Liter Container
Price: $165.00
Availability: In Stock
Antari Item #: 018031 -

Manufactured with pure - Virgin - Polyfunctional alcohols used by the food and cosmetics industries. Absolutely no recycled raw materials are used in manufacturing process.• Long lasting fluid• FDA approved ingredients• Available in 4 and 20 Liter Bottle (FLG-4 & FLG-20)• All fluids have been certified as NON-TOXIC when utilized for intended use.• All bottles are foil - heat sealed preventing any possible fluid leakage.• All cartons are heavy duty - double wall construction approved by UPS,...

FLM-05 Fog Fluid for M1
Retail: $18.00
Price: $14.40
Availability: In Stock
Antari Item #: 015487 -

The Antari FLM-05 Fog Liquid is specifically designed for exclusive use in the Antari M-1 Battery Powered Mobile Fogger. The Antari FLM-05 Fog Liquid is made with no artificial colors and generates a pure and clean fog from the M-1 fogger. Available in a 500ml bottle.

FLP Fog Liquid for Fire Training
Retail: $62.00
Price: $49.60
Availability: In Stock
Antari Item #: 022018 -

Antari FLP-6 Fog Liquid is specifically made for use in the Antari FT-100 and FT-200 Fire Training fog machines, which produces a highly density fog ideal for use in poor ventilation environments such as fire drill or rescue training. Manufactured with refined water from palm trees, the Antari FLP-6 Fog Liquid is 100% natural, contains absolutely no impurities, and is eco-friendly and safe for human contact. Currently available in a 6 Liter (1.5 Gal) container. ...

FLP-700 Fog Fluid for FT-50 machine
Price: $26.95
Availability: In Stock
Antari Item #: 031511 -

Antari FLC-700 is specifically designed for the Antari FT-50 Fire Training Fog Machine and is currently available in a 0.7 liter (23.7 oz) aerosol can.

Fog Machine Cleaner, 1 Gal. Si
Retail: $27.99
Price: $24.99
Availability: In Stock
Froggy's Fog Item #: 017258 -

Designed to optimize the performance of water based fog machines! * This fluid cleans out the deposits left in fog machines heater core. Use Froggys Fully Clean Fog Machine Cleaner whenever fog output decreases or when storing a fog machine for an extended period of time. * All chemicals used in this product are FDA approved. * For use in all water based for machines. To help prevent your fog machine from clogging, use Froggys Fully Clean Fog Machine Cleaner fluid. Froggys Fully Clean is...

Freezin Fog Juice - Outdoor Gr
Price: $29.99
Availability: In Stock
Froggy's Fog Item #: 016088 -

Froggys Freezin Fog is a water based fog machine fluid formulated to create optimum low lying fog effects for outdoor graveyard scenes. It is super thick on the front end and creates the perfect graveyard ground fog but here comes the good part; it is formulated to hang in the air to create the spooky graveyard scene as well. You get a 2 for 1 deal with the Freezin Fog that you miss out on if you use a Fast Dissipating Fluid outdoors. It is compatible with the American DJ Mister Kool Fog...

Froggys Fire Rescue Fog Smoke
Retail: $30.00
Price: $25.00
Availability: In Stock
Froggy's Fog Item #: 016743 -

Fire and Rescue Fog is high quality water-based smoke fluid formulated to create the perfect smoke for Fire and Rescue Simulated Smoke Training.Extreme Long Lasting Fog Fluid - Water Based Fog JuiceThe closest to "Real Smoke" in Simulated EnvironmentsOdorless, Non-irritating, Non-toxic, Non-flammableExtremely Dense, Amazingly Durable, Wonderful DispersionFroggys Fog only uses De-Ionized Water and Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals

Froggys Fog Formula O
Retail: $35.00
Price: $30.00
Availability: In Stock
Froggy's Fog Item #: 018755 -

Formula O Smoke Oil is a high quality substitute for use in MDG Max, MDG Max HO and MDG UltraMax Series of Smoke Generators. Due to the fine particle size, a small amount fluid will make a huge amount of smoke. What this means to you is that you buy less fluid, save money and train in a better environment. Formula O, when used properly, has a much greater hang-time and there is almost no residue and if any, it is very easy to clean up. Formula O also travels very well in ducted systems and...