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Asteroid 1200
Retail: $2,399.95
Price: $1,599.99
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Item #: AST200 -

Add a new dimension of visuals to your lightshow with the ADJ Asteroid 1200 centerpiece effect. This epic space age effect has infinite pan and tilt spraying beams of light all around a room and over a dance floor. With 12x 15W Quad LEDs (RGBW), full DMX programing control (18, 20 or 69 channels), and pixel mapping capabilities, lighting designers can create out of this world mesmerizing effects. Additional features and specifications include: PowerCon In/Out to daisy chain power, 3-pin and...

Retail: $899.99
Price: $599.99
Availability: In Stock
Blizzard lighting Item #: 014733 -

Blizzard Lighting's Blade™ RGBW Moving Head Beam combines blinding output, surgical precision and a razor-sharp 1.1 degree beam to dazzle your audience as it slices through the air!Blade™ RGBWPacked with 36 5-Watt CREE® Red/Green/Blue/White LEDs and coupled to an all-new, incredible 1.1 degree beam angle optic system, the Blade™ RGBW is an incredible aerial performer packed in a tiny, lightweight package. Plus, thanks to advanced motor technology and innovative design, the Blade™ is the...

Retail: $1,799.99
Price: $1,299.99
Availability: In Stock
Blizzard lighting Item #: 022085 -

Here it is…the LED moving head you’ve been keeping an eye out for…The BlockHead™ Big Eye! You’re clearly ready to give your light show a major boost with this! It is a super cool 3x3 LED moving head fixture with 9 pixel controllable OSRAM™ RGBW 15W multi-chip LED’s that have an average life span of over 100,000 hours! The BlockHead™ Big Eye allows for individual pixel control and variable electronic dimmer with strobe abilities. That, along with its infinite pan & tilt movements can create...

Retail: $2,499.99
Price: $1,899.99
Availability: In Stock
Blizzard lighting Item #: 022086 -

Don't let the name fool you, BlockHead™ II 5x5 LED pixel matrix moving head fixtures are an infinite pan & tilt marvel that is sure to be part of the hip crowd! They feature individual pixel control of each of their 25* 4-in-1 RGBW CREE® LEDs, allowing personal customization for any user. BlockHead II fixtures are bright, super well-built, and feature rich professional pieces of equipment that are sure to be a hit on the highest level of lighting rigs.Besides their never-ending movement and...

Retail: $999.99
Price: $699.99
Availability: In Stock
Blizzard lighting Item #: 022084 -

Looking for a fixture that will really grab some attention? Check out Blockhead™ Z9, it's a real head turner!Blockhead™ Z9 fixtures are a 3x3 LED pixel moving head that is fully equipped to put on a high energy light show due to its highly efficient, high output 9* 15W RGBW 4-in-1 Gaggione™ LEDs with 10-50 degree motorized zoom. Add in 540/360°pan/tilt + lightning fast infinite pan/tilt capabilities to put on a mind-blowing motion filled display of vivid colored beams plus excellent shades of...

Crazy 8
Retail: $1,159.95
Price: $799.99
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Item #: 014078 -

The ADJ Crazy 8 Moving Head creates exciting lighting effects with its quick sweeping beams and 8-Zone chasing, pulsing and strobing LEDs. This unique fixture features two independently tilting bars (each with 4 lenses) that project tight, 4.5 degree beams of light from 8-Watt white LEDs. The Crazy 8 offers 5 DMX Channel modes and a 4-Button LED DMX menu. It may be controlled via it’s own built-in programs, a DMX Controller or the easy-to-use UC3 Controller. Best when used in multiples, the...

Dotz Matrix
Retail: $1,399.95
Price: $999.99
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Item #: 014083 -

ADJ’s Dotz Matrix is a Wash/Blinder fixture with advanced COB LED technology allowing for a powerful LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space. The result is a super-charged, high output, wash fixture with smooth color mixing powered by sixteen 30W TRI COB LEDs. Dotz Matrix also has Pixel Mapping capabilities for stunning visual effects, and boasts a powerful 430 Watts with a massive 60 degree beam angle. The fixture has many pro features such as: 0-100% electronic dimming,...

Retail: $699.99
Price: $399.99
Availability: In Stock
Blizzard lighting Item #: 022078 -

Meet the Flurry Beam™, the fixture with a super-sharp (watch your fingers) 2.5° beam angle and outstanding RGBW color mixing. It’s fast, it’s ferocious, and it also offers precise 540°/220° pan and tilt movement with 8/16-bit resolution.This supremely bright fixture makes a solar eclipse look dull! Well, maybe not exactly but you catch the drift. It features an ultra-bright 60W 4-in-1 RGBW LED light source with an exceptionally smooth dimming system. Oh, and I can’t leave this out, the Flurry...

Retail: $449.99
Price: $399.99
Availability: In Stock
Blizzard lighting Item #: 020450 -

The Flurry™ EXA builds on one of our most popular, super-affordable moving head washes, the Flurry™ Series and takes it to the next level with 4x 15-watt 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs for pure, immaculate, and richly saturated color mixing.Super small and compact, the Flurry™ EXA features 540° pan and 220° tilt with built-in programs, color macros, and sound active via DMX or Master/slave modes make the Flurry™ EXA a breeze to operate at any experience level.It also features variable electronic strobe,...

Retail: $1,499.99
Price: $999.99
Availability: In Stock
Blizzard lighting Item #: 019175 -

Built to impress, the G70™ is a precise, feature-rich moving head spot fixture that produces bright, even beams of light from its advanced LED optical system which includes 7x high output 10w CREE® LEDs. The combination of dual gobo wheels, a richly saturated color wheel, and its three-facet prism enables awesome effects and totally smooth gobo morphing!With its 540/270 degree pan & tilt, and dual gobo wheels (#1 rotating, with 2 metal, 4 glass + open, and #2 with 7 metal gobos + open), the...

Illusion Dotz 4.4
Retail: $2,199.95
Price: $1,499.99
Availability: In Stock
American DJ Item #: 015101 -

Take your light show to a new dimension with the ADJ Illusion Dotz 4.4, a Moving Head wash fixture with sixteen 30W Chip On Board (COB) pixel controllable TRI LEDs. Its 360/540-degree pan and 270-degree tilt allow for the beams of light to move and spin, creating added excitement to any lightshow.

Intimidator Spot 155
Retail: $559.99
Price: $419.99
Availability: In Stock
Chauvet DJ Item #: 020819 -

Intimidator Spot 155 is a bright, compact, and lightweight LED moving head, perfect for mobile applications. Rely on it to energize any dance floor with fast and precise movements, crisp optics and even output. Built-in performance features like separate color and gobo wheels, ultrasmooth dimming and adjustable strobe speed enhance any light show. Minimize programming time with built-in movement macros, move-in-black features and sound-activated and automated programs that can generate a...